2 Whoops · Oregon

A Western Whoop!

It’s a momentous day for sure here at Big Whoop HQ. Today we’re reviewing the very first whoopie pie we’ve sampled outside of New England! Last week I was on tour on the west coast and we played a show in the delightful small town of Ashland, Oregon. Home to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival and my friend Elias, it’s a beautiful community just north of the California border.

Ashland has many redeeming qualities

Before our gig, we stopped at Sauce for a wholesome dinner of tempeh/nutritional yeast/sprouted tofu/liquid aminos/yougettheidea. BUT…what to my wondering eyes should appear, but a refrigerator case chock-full-o whoopie pies! The two teen boys we were having dinner had been led to believe that whoopie pies only existed at this establishment. Poor waifs, if only they knew the land of bounty to the east!


An elusive creature, this west-coast whoopie was both GLUTEN-free and SUGAR-free, two ingredients which I had previously believed to be necessary for a proper whoopie pie. (Spoiler alert: it turns out that they are.) While this little whoopie pie tried as hard as it could, I can in good conscience only award it 2/5 Whoops.


2 Whoops · New Hampshire

A whoopsie pie

45 Market Street Bakery

Sweet reader,

I’m writing to you from the Seacoast Farmers Market in Exeter, NH this morning. New Hampshire’s seacoast spans a glorious 19 miles and as a bright-eyed young New Hampshirite, I thought there was no place more beautiful in the entire world (salt mountains of Portsmouth notwithstanding.)

My roommate, Rachel, and our friend, Siena, are playing twin fiddles in the background and serenading a passel of delighted farmers and children. Also, can we get #wholehogsausage trending?


Today, I’m reviewing a whoopie pie from a farmers market vendor—45 Market Street Bakery & Cafe, located in Somersworth, NH. This is a whopper of a whoopie pie, at least 6 inches in diameter at its widest point. They offered the traditional chocolate whoopie pie as well as a pumpkin variety. I went with the chocolate one for consistency’s sake, but this pie did not pass muster. Not only was the cake dry, but it was so thick that the paltry cream in the middle couldn’t possibly atone for the sins of this devil’s food. The filling itself seemed to be a typical buttercream—overly sweet and lacking the lightness necessary to counteract the abundance of cake. 


I tried to like this pie. I really did. But unfortunately, this whoopie pie receives only 2 out of 5 whoops.